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Spring Mardi Gras Auction and Fire Pit Basket

Poetry Break!

Recite the poem Outer Space by Carol Weston.

Check the Calendar

Be sure to check our calendar for Room 18 events, and the Valencia calendar for school wide events.

Meet Rocky, Our Class Mascot

Meet Rocky, Our Class Mascot

Rocky, the Santa Cruz Sea Lion

Our class mascot is Rocky, the Sea Lion.  Rocky will be racing home each Friday, with a student from our class, to announce that he/she will be the class Super Sea Star.  Rocky is looking forward to meeting all of our Room 18 families this year.

Rocky enjoyed his time with these Super Sea Stars!

Lizanne Wise

Welcome to Cabrillo College Room 211!

We are settling into our new location at Cabrillo College. To my delight, after hours of hard work, I was pleased to hear the children as they walked through the door say, "Hey, this looks and smells just like our classroom at Valencia!" Indeed, it is starting to feel like our classroom, just in a different setting. So far, it has been a smooth transition. If you get a chance, stop by and see us!

Wise Words

It is hard to believe that we have reached the end of our second trimester. The students have been working very hard, even with all of the changes we have had to make at Valencia. Report Cards will be sent home on Friday, March 17th. Please talk to your child about his or her progress. Help your child set a few personal goals for the last trimester of third grade. Let's make it our best trimester yet!


A great big "THANK YOU" to all of our families who helped with our class basket for the Spring Mardi Gras Auction Our Fire Pit filled with lots of goodies sold for $325! A special "Thank You" to Kai Manalang for organizing this for our class. The event was a huge success! I was happy to see quite a few families from our class in attendance. My husband and I had a good time bidding, chatting, eating, and dancing. It was a fun night for all! We look forward to finding out our grand total soon.


We continue to look for kindness here at Cabrillo College, and will try to spread kindness across our new campus. Encourage your child to fill out Kindness Slips in class each day. Students can record kind acts others have done for them, or kind acts they have done for others. We will use the slips to make a Chain of Kindness at the end of our challenge. Kindness, pass it on!


Room 18/211 students showed an overwhelming amount of Kindness and Compassion by collecting Pennies for Patients. The money we collected will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help find a cure for cancer. Last year my class reached the Gold Level of donations by collecting $300. I'm pleased to announce that we did it again this year. The children brought in $251.04, and with my contribution of $48.96 we hit the Gold Level again. Thanks for your help and kindness.


Our next field trip will be on Tuesday, March 21st. We will be going to the Museum of Art and History in downtown Santa Cruz. We will also have lunch at Woodstock's Pizza. Thank you for completing all the necessary forms. We do have enough drivers and chaperones. We are looking forward to a great day.


Cabrillo College professors have been reaching out to Valencia teachers, offering opportunities for us to take advantage of while we are here on the Cabrillo campus. Our class will be visiting the Planetarium on Monday, April 17th. We will see a presentation about our solar system. Please watch for the note and permission slip in this week's Weekly Work Folder. We will not need drivers, but we would like to have a few chaperones join us. Check your schedules and let me know if you can make it. We will also be visiting an Archaeology class next month to hear a presentation about the Ohlone people. It is so nice to feel the kindness being shown to us by the Cabrillo staff!


Please talk to your child about the following:

1. Who is this week's Super Sea Star?

2. What do you do when you want to make a good estimate?

3. Estimate the total sum for 372+419. (Round to the nearest 10.)

4. What is the exact sum for 372+419?

5. What is the difference between the estimate and the exact amount?

6. Tell me about the letter you wrote to Mr. Gubbins, the head of Caltrans.

7. What do you do for PE at the Cabrillo site?

8. Name a synonym for journey. Name an antonym for close.

9. What trick did Mrs. Wise teach you to help you remember the difference between wear and where?

10. What are you doing with Ms. Liz and Mrs. Bowles in your Art Classes?


Important Dates:

March 8th-End of the Second Trimester

March 10th-Popsicle Party for students who met their AR Goals

March 12th-Spring Ahead, Daylight Savings Time

March 17th-Spring Green Contest and Party, Report Cards sent home

March 21st-Field Trip to the Museum of Art and History and Woodstock's Pizza

April 17th-Cabrillo College Planetarium 



*The blue Homework Folder needs to be returned to school each day.  

*Our Library Day is Friday. Be sure to return your book on time.

*The Weekly Work folder will be sent home each Friday.  Please look at the work, clear out the folder, date and sign, make comments, and return on Monday.





Room 18 Misses Us!

Current Assignments

Room 18's Super Sea Star

Room 18's Super Sea Star

Contact Information for Mrs. Wise

The best way to contact me is through email. My email address is  You can also send a written note with your child.  Thanks!

We're Riding the Reading Wave in Room 18!

SURF's Up in Room 18!  Students need to read for 30 minutes at their AR Level each night. Once they finish reading an AR book, they need to take an AR Test in class, or at the computer lab. If they pass the test with a score of 80% or higher, they will receive a sticker on their AR Surfboard. When they have 15 stickers on their boards, they will receive a special award. Students also need to work toward their AR Point Goals for each marking period. The fifth marking period is from  February 27th to April 13th.  

Students read in class each morning at their AR Level.  They are able to check out books from our class library daily.  If your child needs something to read, remind him/her to check out a book or two. It's Super Uninterrupted Reading Fun! Let's all try to reach our goals! 



The Secret Word

This week's Secret Words are Spring Ahead! Write the words on a piece of paper along with your child's name and parent signature.  Have your child hand me the paper, and he/she will receive a special prize.  Ssshhh!  Be sure to keep it a secret.  I am trying to find out how many people are checking our web page each week. 

Don't Forget to Clip and Save Box Tops for Education

Don't Forget to Clip and Save Box Tops for Education