Valencia Elementary School

Deborah Christie

presentations for our state/country reports

We will have visits on Friday, the 26th from Mr. Z's and Ms. Farrar's class and maybe Mr. Peter's class.  Be prepared to discuss your display board with information regarding your country or state.  You should have memorized your research on the following:


(in other words, you don't want to read your board and have your back to the listeners/audience - boring!)


Be prepared to state the following (not necessarily in this order)


1.  your state's or country's name and some ways that they make money for roads, bridges, hospitals, etc.  In other words, share some research about the economy of your country or state


2.  information about places to visit (tourism) and describe these places with as much knowledge as you have in order to help your audience visualize these tourist attractions


3.  talk about your famous person from the state or country  - please let your listeners know things of interest - not when they were born or died - boring!


4.  two more things you thought were interesting about your state  or country (currency?  some significant, cool historical facts?)  



we're working on how well we tidy up and organize our materials and take care of our belongings

this is what NOT to do:

leave a mess after being told to clean up your materials (way back part of the room) 

glue on keys - thanks to Mr. Miller's student who shares this computer, they alerted me to it right away - glue on keys and side of chrome book 

same group left a messy floor and did not put materials away - it's embarrassing to the high school teachers who use the space - that some of us don't have better manners - remember that it is YOUR responsibility to clean up your work - 100% of the time 


Bridge Competition will take place on Monday, May 22nd in class






Egg Drop Teams so far......

Egg drop Teams

  1. Christopher, Kai, Andrew V

  2. Bella, Ella

  3. Jaxson, Bryson, Andrew B

  4. Raegan, Elizabeth

  5. Zander, Phoenix

  6. Mckenna, June, Harlee

  7. Emily, Gladys

  8. Holly, Macey

the rest of you....the remainder of the teams is my decision


9.  Katherine, Liana

10. Daija, Emma, Guy

11. Wylie, Ryan

12. Angel, Aiden

13. Liam, Samuel

14. Douglas, Patrick


Let me know by tomorrow, who you would like to work with.  Please start bringing in supplies from home.  Do your research and watch other videos to see what ideas are out there.  Have fun!  





Those who have turned in should parents monitor their kids' social media activity???? and/or monitor TV viewing .. argument

Students who have completed and turned in either paper copies or google classroom docs of this assignment:

+1 means that you have completed both the monitoring of social media AND the monitoring of TV watching

+2 means that you have completed both monitoring AND your own researched topic of a new argument - that YOU selected on your own (the assignment is on google classroom)  


IF you don't see your name on this list at all, you have not turned in a completed argument essay at all - your writing grade for this trimester depends on how well you use your time between now and June 2nd, to get these writing assignments done.  


3 argument essays well done, using the check list = A+

2 argument essays well done, using the checklist = no higher than an B+

1 argument essay well done, using the checklist = no higher than a C+





Elizabeth +1

Raegan +2



Emma (incomplete - needs counterarguments)

Kai (incomplete - missing paragraph 2 and 3) 

June +1

Liam +1

McKenna +1

Chris (inc)



Daija (inc)



Sam (inc)

Andrew V +1

Zander (inc) need 3rd reason

Holly (no grade - didn't follow checklist structure) 



If your name is not on the list, you have not yet turned in your work.  All assignments are  due by June 2nd, Friday.  



When asked why 5th graders are not included in the Talent Show, this was Ms. Lane's reasoning:

I need to see how many interested sixth graders we have.  If the number is low, we can open it up to fifth grade too.  We have to keep the show to about 30-40 minutes given that we will do two sessions at the School-wide event on 5/31 and we only have two hours. This is the last chance for our sixth graders, so I wanted to give them priority.


Ms. Lane


This seems like a reasonable decision - subject to change depending upon how many 6th graders sign up.  Thank you Ms. Lane!  

as of 5/17: % met towards independent reading goal  



If you are not on the list, it means that you need a plan to be on the list (in the left hand column) by Friday of this week.  If you aren’t, another notice will be sent home on Friday afternoon, asking you and your family to make a plan for how you will reach your goals.  

At least 63% -77% (needs to be roughly met by 5/19)

At least 78% to 87% (needs to be roughly met by 5/26)

At least 88% to 99% (needs to be roughly met by 6/2)

100% (needs to be met by 6/8)




























dates to remember ............please put in your planners and calendars at home - info for both parents and students - will update each day, or every few days



Egg Drop Project - final due date TBA - reminder:  bring in materials to share with your team members so that you can create a successful egg drop contraption - start bringing in materials tomorrow if you can, or the next day, or the next......




Friday, 5-19 - you should be at approximately 63% of your AR independent reading goal by this date


Thursday, 5-25 - subs for all 3, 6th grade teachers (Christie, Miller, Peters) - Ms. Bettancourt will be our sub - teachers have a collaboration day away from campus 


Friday, 5-26 - Spirit Day - wear a Disney outfit or creatively make one from a favorite Disney character - a lot of you said that you don't want to grow up ...and clean up after yourself - maybe we'll have a class of Peter Pans!


Friday, 5-26 tentatively set - a visit from the bicycle safety/ecology action organization of Santa Cruz - presentation - 1 hour, time TBA  


Tuesday, 5-30 - leave campus at 8:50 sharp- Boardwalk Bowl, then SC County Courthouse- drivers will meet us along tennis courts - we will wait for drivers on the courts


Wednesday, 5-31 - 8:20 a.m.  Mr. LaHue's environmental studies class will visit us and teach us something that they have learned


Wednesday, 5-31   Open House at Valencia School - Talent Show for interested 6th graders only - 5 to 7 p.m. 

the whole school is invited to our modified Open House from 5 to 7 p.m.


Wednesday, 5-31   5 to 7 p.m. 5th grade families = are hosting a Mexican cuisine dinner- all proceeds go to Outdoor School for next year.  Please see flyer and sign up.  


Thursday, 6-1 - beach day - leave campus at 9:00 sharp for Seacliff Beach


Friday, 6-2 - SPCA visit at 12:30 - Brenna will teach us about animals rights and animal issues/arguments


Wednesday, 6-7 - 6th grade graduation ceremony @ 5 to 6 p.m. Valencia School, followed by the 6th grade dance from 6 to 8 p.m. same place 


Friday, 6-9  last day - early dismissal at 11:10 a.m.