Valencia Elementary School

Deborah Christie

Friday - you have a sub - Ms. Bettancourt - please uphold the Valencia values all day. Thank you!


Thursday, March 23rd math

5th - lesson 25 both sides


6th - worksheet 8-2 I think......another word puzzle figure it out handout



do you know what these words mean? are you ready for Friday's test?

Word bank:



Jimmy Panetta




Town hall meeting


Negligence (negligent)


Bill of Rights



Ratify (ratification)



3-22-17 Wednesday math

5th - Bella wasn't here, so it wasn't written down........??


6th - what you were working on today - text p. 372-  1 to 12

Use graph paper to draw the nets on problems 3, 4, and 5 - to the size that are shown in the book.  



March 31st - 300 word essay on natural resources due - read below for reminders of the style in which I want you to write your natural resources essay

Dates due:  for the natural resources essay……...Friday, March 31st


  1. Natural resources (economy)  A one page essay, typed and printed, or handwritten - about 1 page in length - AFTER Ms. Christie is shown the notes- I will meet with each of you starting next Monday - to look over your notes.  If you want to begin your lead in (your anecdote intro) then I will look at that as well.  


How should I structure my writing?  Your first essay should be about 300 words.  


  1. Start with a lead in anecdote introduction:  (example below)  My “state” is California.  


As you drive across the landscape of central California from the coast to the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains, you see fields of walnut and almond trees.  Did you know that California is one of the top producers of walnuts in the world?  In order for California to pay for its roads, bridges, libraries, and more, it is in the business of selling these foods, high in protein.  


2. Take two of the products that California sells in order to make money and tell your reader a little bit about that product.  Remember….you don’t want to sound like a “textbook.”  How boring that would be for the reader.  After writing a fact or two, stop, think, and have your own thought or insight about the fact.  Example:  


Another example (use transitions where they fit) of a natural resource that California produces in order to “pay the bills” is the growing of oranges.  Are you aware that oranges are one of the world’s most popular fruits?  Where and when did people start growing oranges as an agricultural product?  Well, it’s not certain, however, it is believed that oranges became a farm product to sell in Asia at least a thousand years ago.  It’s good to eat oranges at least once or twice a week.  Why?  Because they are a healthy source of fiber and vitamin C as well as other minerals such as thiamin.  


California is second to Texas in the production of livestock.  That means that California has many cattle, pig, turkey, horse, and chicken farms.  Cows not only produce meat, also, they produce milk, which is a big industry. As far as chicken farms go, there is a movement away from factory farms where chickens are crammed in cages, never getting a chance to see the greater outdoors.  They live an awful life, sleeping and living in their own feces as well as others’.  People who care about the humane treatment of chickens are encouraging California farmers to let the chickens be pasture farmed.  That means that the chickens can roam around under the sun, eating bugs and plants.  I’m happy to see that this is being encouraged.  I care about the treatment of animals, even if we’re eventually going to kill them to make our barbecued chicken.  



vocabulary for the week of 3/20-17 practice these words this week so that you're prepared for your test on Friday




Vocabulary week of March 20th- 24th

Test on the 24th Friday***


1-Technology is so Pervasive

All over, spread widely around, prevalent

2-Instill positive values

Teach so that the lessons are “within”

3-Held liable

Held responsible

4-The judge can declare  negligence

failure to exercise reasonable care

5-Allegedly created a FB account

Supposedly (can’t be proven)

6-Something is amiss

Not quite right

7-If it’s taboo, they might sneak….

Forbidden, prohibited

8.  Bill of Rights

Guarantee of citizens’ freedoms

9. amendments

changes/ additions

10. Ratification - n  (to ratify - v)

Formal agreement/consent - “yes” vote

11. Retaliation - n   (retaliate - v)

Get back at someone

12. Jimmy Panetta

20th District Representative (CA)

13. Town Hall Meeting

an event at which a politician or public official answers questions from members of the public

14.  etiquette

the customary code of polite behavior in society

15. Intimate details

Personal or private (not to be given out freely on social media)



1st Amendment - freedom of speech, expression, press (news/media), religion

2nd Amendment - right to bear arms

3rd Amendment - soldiers may not be quartered in private homes

19th Amendment - women's right to vote 


Tuesday, March 22 math

5th - lesson 17 both sides, or is it lesson 18?


6th - worksheet  -on surface area - 8.2 practice B

can your parents pass the citizenship test? This is NOT a homework assignment for your parents, BUT......

if they are "game," ask them to practice the citizenship quiz and see who can answer each question and what your scores are.  Help them if they don't know an answer and you do.  Make it fun.



who's researching what.........states 5th grade

Andrew B - Washington,     Harlee - Nevada,      Patrick - Maine      Elizabeth - Rhode Island       Raegen - Louisiana

Angel - New Mexico            Bella - New York       Phoenix - Colorado        Emma - Hawaii              Kai - Illinois

Wylie - Idaho                       Bryson - Ohio            Liana - Wisconsin          Gladys - Mississippi     June - Nebraska

Jaxson - Arizona                 Liam - Oregon           McKenna - Tennessee                               Chris - Michigan

Emily - Florida                     Douglas - Alabama              Ella - Texas            Sam - Oregon              Andrew V - Georgia     

Guy - Wyoming                   Zander - Alaska