Valencia Elementary School

Ms. Christie/Silva

100% homework return



​Dear Families,


Your child has shown excellent progress (100% homework return) on all assignments this week and last.  


I am so proud of your child's diligence in getting assignments in on time.


Yeah!!  100% homework return!!!!  Responsible. 
















on another note:

(if you were absent, you must always remember to put your work in the basket on the day that you return from your absence)  


our pen pal introduction letter is complete! Here it is:


October 16, 2017


Deborah Christie

250 Aptos School Rd.

Aptos, CA 95003


Dear Students and Teacher,


We are a 6th grade group of students from California, about 75 miles south of San Francisco.  We live along the Pacific Ocean.  There are 31 of us in our class and about 535 students total in our school.  


Right now we are worried, (at least the teacher, Ms. Christie is) about the wildfires raging in northern California.  We’ve had a lot of natural disasters this fall and we feel sad for those affected by them.  


I asked the 31 students in our class what they like to do in their free time.  These are the responses:


reading, writing, basketball, baseball, drawing, bike riding, playing soccer, cooking, gardening, archery, making money, doing graphic design, playing golf, walking the dog, being social, swimming, running, playing video games, doing math for fun, collecting stamps, dancing, jiu jitsu, surfing, playing piano and tennis, watching movies and YouTube videos, skateboarding, boogie boarding, playing football, jumping on my trampoline, watching Anime, throwing a javelin, climbing trees, doing art activities, spinning in an office chair, collecting various objects, making jewelry, horseback riding, mountain biking, organizing and cleaning, and last but not least, making slime.


We look forward to hearing back from you.  Oh yes, one more thing;  we are learning about the differences in ancient Sparta and Athens.  We will learn more about ancient Greece as the school year progresses.


Here’s to a great school year!




Ms. Christie and her class of 31 students  




writing test - due by Thursday - printed out at home -

work on your writing test at home if you need more time than the two 25 minute sessions I will provide in class tomorrow and then again on Wednesday.  It must be done by Wednesday night in order to print it out and have it ready as you walk through the door on Thursday.  



everyone - all 31 of you - work on Khan Academy math tonight for 25 to 35 minutes....of course you can work for longer, but not necessary

work on your assignments OR Khan Math Mission



news: Monday 10-16

Our school will join in the GREAT SHAKE-OUT earthquake drill with other schools around California this Thursday.


We are in our final lap of our Drive for Schools Fundraiser. All ticket stubs/money is due when the CHECKERED FLAG flies at 3:00 p.m. on Friday. Please  rev up your selling efforts this week. We have collected just over $17,000. With one more big push, we will likely meet our $25,000 goal.



spelling test this Friday, the 20th



Instead to mischievous - do you still have your spelling list in your binder?