Valencia Elementary School

Monica LaFleur

Ms. LaFleur (and Gulley!)

Ms. LaFleur (and Gulley!)

Our Star of the Week!

Our Star of the Week!

Our Calendar

Spirit Day Schedule!

December 22nd Pajama Day
February 3rd SOUPer Bowl Soup Drive - Sports Day
February 24th Disney Day
March 31st Opposite or Backwards Day
April 28th Beach Day
May 4th

Star Wars "May the 4th" be with you

May ...more

Math Time

Parent Volunteer Schedule

Monday reading groups(8:00-9:15)

Karen Ouse (Evalia’s mom) / Renee Duncan (Adelle’s mom)


Tuesday reading groups(8:00-9:15)

Leslie Gin (Timmy’s mom) / Linnea Appleby(Myla’s grandma) 


Wednesday reading groups(8:00-9:15)

Jessica Lange(Natasha’s mom) / Marsal Vanetti (Mia’s mom)


Thursday reading groups(8:00-9:15)

Carrie Mabry (Jackson’s mom)



Monday homework folders

Carrie Mabry, / Renee Duncan


Classroom Parent 

Carrie Mabry would like to share this job. Please

let me know if you are willing to partner up with

her to be our co-classroom parent!


Take-Home Prep Projects 

Leslie Gin, Susana Ouse(Evalia’s grandmother)


Website/email support

Amie Johnson(Cia’s mom) / Deborah Matlow(Zane’s mom)



THANK YOU to all of our volunteers!

Welcome to First Grade!

Thanks for stopping by room 20's website. We are 24 first-graders strong and loving our time full of first-grade learning together! This is where you can read the weekly newsletter, check up on the weekly homework or see what's on our class wish list.  This is  a work in progress, and there is more to come! Have a super day!

Field Trip Fun in Room 20!

Room 20 News!

No news posted

There’s Learning O-Plenty Going on in Room 20!

The Learning’s Alive in Room 205!

April ...more

Discovering the Moon - Crater Experiments

50th Day of School for 1st Graders!

Current Assignments

Assigned: 6/2/17 Due: 6/9/17

Room 20 Wish List

There are some things that we just use a WHOLE BUNCH of in first grade. We would ALWAYS appreciate your help with restocking our supply. Those items are:

  • CLEANING WIPES(for tables, not kiddos)



Our 1st Day of School!