Valencia Elementary School


Week of March 20

Independent Reading Assignment:

  • It is your responsibility to read at least 100 pages each week.  I recommend that you try to read at least 20 pages each night. This week you are either finishing Where the Red Fern Grows or The Green Glass Sea.

Language Arts Assignment:

  • Write a response in at least 100 words that begins with the statement…Be sure to state the questions and explain why those questions would be answered in a unanimous way.

  • Sixth graders at Valencia would most likely answer certain questions in a unanimous way.  

Math Assignment:

  • Complete 16 questions on the back of the worksheet.  Be sure to answer eight questions from 1-15 and eight questions from the rest of the problems.


  • Please bring back your report card envelope by Friday.

  • Your Castle and Sun project should be finished and on the wall.

Supply List


  • Composition Notebook for language arts
  • Graph paper notebook for math
  • Chapter book
  • Homework folder
  • Classwork folder
  • Binder paper
  • Red pen

Helpful Websites