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Deborah Matlow - 2nd & 3rd Grade


The deadline for selling tickets is Friday, October 20th.  We have a classroom goal of each student selling 1 booklet for $25.  That is a total of 21 students, and we have 8 students who have contributed so far.  We can do it!

October 11 Update

We are making our way through October so quickly!  It is amazing that we are nearly half way through the month already.  This is my favorite time of year.  I miss being in Michigan to see the leaves changing color while sipping apple cider on a chilly day!  So, we will bring a taste of fall to Room 1.      We will incorporate themes of fall and changing seasons into our curriculum.


2nd Grade:  We are still reviewing and practicing place value knowledge and representing numbers in many ways.  We continue to build on our basic facts to help us solve larger addition and subtraction problems.  It is essential that the kids practice their math +/- to 20.  I will start amping up their in-class practice as well, but this is an easy skill to practice at home, in the car, on a tablet.   

3rd Grade:  We are continuing use of  addition and subtraction patterns to reinforce strategies for adding/subtracting larger numbers, including metric units of measurement.  There will continue to be a focus on effectively solving  word problems.  All of this leads up to the next unit on Multiplication.  Keep practicing those multiplication facts 1-12 (we will start 8's next week).


Both grade levels are completing a unit on story elements, using realistic fiction as the genre.  2nd grade is using multiple shorter stories to examine setting, character traits and plot.  3rd grade is completing an author study and comparing/contrasting themes of various stories.  


Both grades are about 3/4 of the way through a personal narrative paper.  This is a tough assignment for the first major paper, but the kids are persevering and learning to improve their work by revising.  


We are exploring the life cycle of a plant.  Both grades are learning, in depth, the process of a plant's full life.  It is an extension of second grade, but with much more detailed academic vocabulary, plant parts, etc.   Students will soon write an informative essay about the cycle to demonstrate understanding while addressing the grade level standards of expository writing.  Third graders will be required to write multi-paragraph essays.


The school is nearly halfway to the $25,000 goal!  Please keep selling tickets through the deadline of October 20th.  If each student in our class sells 1 ticket, the school will provide a celebration.  If each student in our class sells 1 BOOKLET ($25), I will provide an ice cream sundae party.  Our goal is 21 booklets, hand we have 8 so far.


Signups for volunteer slots to assist at the Harvest Festival on October 28th are now available.  I have signed up as a parent, and I encourage you to as well!  


Please consider sending in new or gently used socks to be distributed to the Santa Cruz Homeless Shelter.


October 13 - Picture Retake Day

October 19 - Last Day for Drive For Schools Tickets

October 20 - Field Trip to Gizdich Ranch

October 28 - Harvest Festival

2nd Grade Homework 10/9-10/13

Homework is due on Friday

~ Read for 20 minutes every day!

~ Reading Response - Fiction

3rd Grade Homework 10/9-10/13

Homework is due on Friday

~ Read for 20 mins every day!

~ Reading Response - Fiction

~ Math Facts practice x7

Check folder daily for additional Bridges Math work

Unit 1 Math Overview for Parents

Homework Folders

Blue HW folders are to go back and forth every day.  

Actual homework is due on Friday (unless otherwise noted).