Valencia Elementary School

Homework: Week of 11/20/17 - 11/21/17

Monday, 11/20/17:

1. Reading:  Read 30 minutes/complete brief summary/guardian signature

No math assignment due to math test


Tuesday, 11/21/17:

1. Reading:  Read 30 minutes/complete brief summary/guardian signature

Have a great Thanksgiving break!  See you on Monday, November 27th!

Upcoming Events

11/22/17 - 11/24/17:  Thanksgiving Holiday

12/14/17: The Tech Museum of Innovation Field Trip

12/25/17 - 01/16/18: Winter Break

01/17/18: Students return to school

01/30/18: Wetlands Field Trip

02/12/18: Lincoln Holiday

02/19/18: Washington Holiday

02/20/18: Symphony Field Trip

Erin Farrar

October 29th

It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces at the Harvest Festival yesterday!  Thanks to everyone that was able to come out and make it such a huge success!


I am so proud of the kids for creating an amazing door for the door decoration challenge.  In my opinion, we came up with a beautiful message of "Harvest Kindness," and really illustrated our message on the door!  We certainly feel we have "won" in our hearts!


Thank you so much to our family chaperones that attended the super HOT, but fantastic field trip to the Watsonville Wetlands last week!  We really appreciate your support!


I also want to thank those of you that have been able to send in your $8 for the The Tech field trip!  Please send in $8 per student and $5 per chaperone ASAP!


I would like to honor the following students for earning advanced scores on their recent math assessment.  WAY TO GO!


Bailey, Ben, Carsten, Daisy, Demian, Dylan W., Ferron, Kaden, Kaylee, Luci, Maggie, Owen, & Sophie


It is time to give a HUGE round of applause to the following students for reading over 1 million words:


Ben, Sophie, & Maggie


Their love for reading is inspiring!


Many kids have met their reading goals for the current goal period, but some are still trying to make it happen or at least read as much as they can.  The goal period ends on November 9th!  There are still 2 more weeks to meet independent reading goals!


In math, we will take another BIG assessment this week and then dive deep into division standards.  Please help your children memorize their multiplication facts with automaticity!


Best wishes for a great week! ~ Erin

October 22nd

Just another school week until the Harvest Festival!  Please consider volunteering at the event.  There is a SignUpGenius link on Valencia's homepage.


The kids are looking forward to their first field trip on Tuesday.  Thanks in advance to our chaperones!  If you are chaperoning, please come to room 11 by 8:50am.  The school bus plans to depart at 9am.


Have a great week! ~ Erin

October 8th

The kids probably enjoyed their 3-day weekend after such an intense week of assessments!  Students persevered through the district writing and language arts assessments and unit math test.  Math test results coming soon!


Thank you to families that have donated their time or items to our classroom!  We all truly appreciate your contributions!


Please keep an eye out for the Wetlands field trip form if you haven't seen it already.  Our class has the fortunate opportunity to participate in this special science program with Ms. Guiley.  All students and chaperones will ride on 1 PVUSD school bus to and from the wetlands site in Watsonville.


We are in the last few weeks of our biggest fundraiser, Drive For Schools.  Please try to get out there and sell as many tickets as you can.  Every dollar collected goes straight to Valencia!  We need all we can get!  There is no other fundraiser out there that donates to our school dollar for dollar - lets make the most of it!


Speaking of fundraisers, our annual Harvest Festival is coming up on Saturday, October 28th!  Please consider signing up to help out at the festival.  It is such a fun event!  Home and School Club volunteers have spent significant time revamping the festival and hope that it will be a huge success.  Please check out the SignUp Genius on Valencia's homepage and sign up to help sell tickets or work in a booth.  My family is looking forward to attending and I hope to see you there!


It is time to HONOR the following students for already meeting their 2nd period independent reading goals!


Ben, Sophie, Bailey, Maggie, & Daisy


The goal period ends on November 9th so there is still plenty of time to meet goals!


Have a wonderful week! ~ Erin

September 24th

It is hard to believe we are entering the last week of September.  Many thanks for contributions to our celebration!  It was a lot of fun!


Please help me CONGRATULATE the following kids for meeting their 1st period reading goal:


Ben, Maggie, Daisy, Ferron, Luci, Demian, Kaylee, Sophie, Bailey, Jeena, Kaden, Dylan W., Cailen, Elias, & Dylan G.


Way to go!  Keep up the great work!


The next reading goal period begins on Monday.  Each child has a new goal and starts fresh.


I would like to give a HUGE round of applause to the following students for earning advanced scores on their recent math assessment:


Bailey, Ben, Carsten, Demian, Dylan G., Kaden, Maggie, Owen, & Sophie  


In math, we have been working on adding and subtracting decimal numbers, as well as multiplying decimal numbers using an area model.  We dove into division of decimals on Friday and will continue this week.


Reading groups were rolled out last week and it seems like everything is going well.


Wishing you a great week ahead!

September 9th

It was wonderful to meet and/or see many of you at Back to School Night last week!  Thank you for so much support!  Your children and I are very grateful!


Our work on "Descriptive Narratives" will come to an end this week.  We will share our "Personality" boxes as the culminating activity.  Our next steps in writing will include a focus on a directed fictional narrative.  Similar to our "Personality" essays, the children will produce their fictional narratives in the Google Classroom.  


Students can access their Google accounts per the following:

PVUSD Google Drive (left margin of homepage)

Student ID number and email address  (Example:

Student password


When accessing student PVUSD Google accounts at home, it is recommended that all other gmail accounts are signed out.  Also, PVUSD's Google access is supported through the PVUSD website, not Google directly.  Basically, do not go directly to Google when trying to access student Google accounts outside of a PVUSD network.


In math, we will continue with Place Value standards and expanding our depth of knowledge around place value concepts.


Please help me HONOR the following students for already meeting their 1st period independent reading goals:


Ben, Maggie, Daisy, Jeena, Demian, Sophie, Ferron, Bailey, & Luci 


Keep up the excellent growth mind-set!


The first reading goal period ends on Friday, September 22nd.  The students have 2 more weeks to meet their reading goals!


I would also like to give a BIG round of applause to Ben for reading over 1 million words!  Way to go, Ben!


On Friday, our class will have the "Kid Power" presentation and our second round of "buddies" with Mrs. Peoples' Kindergarten class.  I was so proud of the positive modeling our 5th graders demonstrated with our Kinder buddies last time around!


I hope you are enjoying the weekend and have a great week ahead! ~ Erin


August 26th

Kids did a great job last week getting used to homework and classroom routines.  


We will continue to solidify our class schedule in the 2 weeks ahead.  I like to incorporate community building projects and activities at the beginning of the school year and they take some time. :0)  We also have been working our way through beginning of the year assessments;  students took a district MAP Reading Assessment and will take the MAP Math Assessment later this week.  At this point in the school year, these are baseline assessments that provide data that helps us guide our instruction.


In math, we are exploring place value concepts.  Most of what we have done so far has been review and application of base ten patterning standards.  Students have started their first essay which is a Descriptive Narrative about their personality - we focused on Introductions last week.  We are getting ready to decorate our "Personality Box" very soon.  Kids may bring in stickers or other decorative materials if they choose, or they may use what is provided in the classroom.


Thank you to families that have offered to volunteer in a variety of ways and have donated items to our classroom!  Once we get through our assessments and can solidify our schedule, I would love to bring in more volunteers.


Please help me CONGRATULATE the following students for already meeting their 1st period independent reading goals:


Ben, Maggie, & Daisy


Clearly, these students read quite a bit over the summer and have demonstrated their love of reading!  The 1st period reading goal period ends on September 22nd which allows students significant time to meet their goals.  Thank you for encouraging your child to read every day!


Have a great week! ~ Erin

August 20th

Our first week of school flew by!  I am glad to see my students diving in and working hard right away!


Thank you for your support with returning paperwork and purchasing supplies.  We are going to organize our binders this week.


Kids will come home with reading homework on Monday night.  I require students to read 30 minutes everyday.  After reading, they need to complete a brief summary of what they read.  Two to three sentences is sufficient, but students may always write more if they would like.  I also require a guardian signature for reading homework every night.  Please help your child create a plan for providing time to review homework with you.


Best wishes for a wonderful week! ~ Erin

Million Word Readers

Please help me give a HUGE round of applause to BenSophie, & Maggie for reading over 1 million words!

Class Wish List


  • Clorox Wipes!
  • Prizes for the weekly raffle *** We always need more prizes!
  • Target or Amazon gift cards (class purchases)

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