Valencia Elementary School

Homework: Week of 05/22/17 - 05/26/17

*** State Report due Friday!!!

*** MAP: Reading & Math Assessments throughout the week!

*** Celebration on Friday!


Monday, 05/22/17:

1.  30 minutes on state report/parent signature; no homework for 2 specific students that have completed their reports


Tuesday, 05/23/17:

1. 30 minutes/parent signature:  choose either state report, Khan, Newsela, or reading


Wednesday, 05/24/17:

1.  same


Thursday, 05/25/17:

1. same - no summary needed, but yes on parent signature

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Upcoming Events

5/29/17: Memorial Day Holiday

5/31/17: Valencia School Event: 5-7pm

6/1/17: Beach Field Trip

6/5/17: Monte Toyon Field Trip

6/9/17: Last day of school

Erin Farrar

May 14th

The students were so focused and committed to doing well on their Language Arts SBAC assessments last week!  We are heading into our 2nd week of tests - the focus this week is math.  Please help your children get to bed on time and eat healthy breakfasts.


Join me to CONGRATULATE the following students for meeting their 6th period independent reading goals:


Kathleen, Jack E., Wade, Hazel, Madeline, & Evelyn


It is time to give a shout out to Jack Eldredge and Kaitlyn Murphy for advancing to the million word reader club!  Check out our million word readers on the right side margin.


We have 2 field trips coming up.  Please let me know if you can drive and chaperone asap.  Thank you!


Thursday, June 1st: Beach field trip


Monday, June 5th: Monte Toyon field trip


State reports are due on May 26th!  Please review the assignment/checklist sheets (right side margin).


Have a great week! ~ Erin 

April 23rd

The students have been working hard on their state reports.  Please try to check in with your child to see if they need any specific support like printing documents.


Please help me give a BIG round of applause to the following students for earning HIGH HONORS on their recent math assessment:


Blake, Hazel, Kathleen, Lauren, Madeline, Mander, & Matthew


In math, we are revisiting volume concepts and exploring strategies for solving word problems.


I hope you have a great week! ~ Erin

April 15th

I hope you are enjoying the long weekend!  My girls are looking forward to the Easter Bunny coming!


Thank you in advance to our parent drivers joining us on Monday for our field trip to the Santa Cruz County Court House.  The kids know that we need to be prepared for all types of weather since we are supposed to have recess and lunch outside at the nearby park.


Please help me give a HUGE round of applause to the following students for meeting their 5th period independent reading goals:


Jack D., Kyla, Madeline, Mander, Evelyn, Lauren, Kathleen, Wade, Diego, Ceci, Kira G., Hazel, Kaitlyn, Geraldine, Blake, Viena, Jack E., Brooke, Avalon, Jaylen, & Brody


The new independent reading goal period begins on Monday, April 17th, and it is the last goal period of the school year.  Wow!  It is hard to believe we are in the last stretch of 5th grade.


On March 30th, the students received their "State Report" assignment.  The assignment is attached to the website; check out the right side margin for the assignment.  We spend a significant amount of time working on the report in class, but students that have been absent, take extra time, or are not using time wisely may have to work on their report at home as the due date gets closer.  The report is due May 26th!


Students will take a math assessment later this week on fraction concepts involving multiplication and division.  Please wish them well!


I am proud of my students everyday!  They continue to demonstrate perseverance, rigor, and critical thinking throughout our lessons, activities, and experiences at the high school.


Have a great week! ~ Erin

March 26th

Our colony tea party was spot on!  It was great to see so many of you there!  The kids and I very grateful you came by to celebrate our hard work!  Deep thanks to Jennifer Eldredge, Tricia Potts, Kelly Allari, & Darlene Sawyer for helping me organize the party and/or help during the party!


Please join me to CONGRATULATE the following students for already meeting their independent reading goals:


Jack D., Kyla, Madeline, Mander, Evelyn, Lauren, Kathleen, Wade, Diego, Ceci, Kira G., Hazel, Kaitlyn, Geraldine, Blake, & Viena


Keep up the EXCELLENT work!  The current reading goal period ends on Thursday, April 13th.


I would like to give a special SHOUT OUT to Blake Sawyer and Viena Weems for joining the million word reader club!  You rock!


Spring Recess is April 3rd through April 7th so please mark your calendars.


Wishing you a wonderful week! ~ Erin

March 12th

The students in Ms. Farrar's class have been working hard on learning standards related to multiplying and dividing fractions, informational reading and writing strategies, the Declaration of Independence, and collaborative colony projects!  


Please help me CONGRATULATE the following students for exceeding standards on their recent math assessment:


Blake, Ceci, Demetrius, Evelyn, Jack D., Jack E., Kaitlyn, Kathleen, Kira E., Madeline, & Mander


The kids will take a district writing assessment this week.  Please wish them well!

~ Erin

February 26th

Hi everybody,


We made it through our relocation to Aptos High School.  We still have many things to iron out, but we are making the best of the situation.  Your children are troopers!


Please help me CONGRATULATE the following students for meeting their 4th period independent reading goals:


Kathleen, Jack D., Jack E., Wade, Kira E., Madeline, Geraldine, Evelyn, Lauren, Ceci, Hazel, Matt, Avalon, Kyla, Kiara, Mander, Kaitlyn, Blake, Brooke, & Viena


Way to demonstrate excellence!!!


Some of you have kindly been asking me what I need in our new space.  I could really use the following:


prizes for our prize box

2 buckets (to transport water)

lids to cardboard boxes (lids are for a project)

bag of soil (for a project)

mini vacuum

small tables


I hope you have a great week! ~ Erin


Beach Field Trip: Need Drivers

Please let me know ASAP if you can drive and chaperone on our beach field trip.  We need at least 2 more drivers!!!


Thursday, June 1st: Seacliff Beach Field Trip


Thank you!!!

Current Assignments

Assigned: 3/30/17 Due: 5/26/17

Field Trips

Class Wish List


  • Prizes for the weekly raffle *** We always need more prizes! :0)

Million Word Reader Club

Outstanding demonstration of excellence!!!


Evelyn, Madeline, & Lauren = 9+ million

Mander = 4+ million

Hazel = 3+ million

Kathleen = 2+ million

Kyla, Wade, Jack D., Viena, Blake, Jack E., & Kaitlyn = 1+ million

Scholastic Book Club

Please use Parent Code: H93LT for ordering on the Scholastic website.