Valencia Elementary School

Homework: Week of 03/20/17 - 03/24/17

Monday, 03/20/17:

1. Reading: 30 minutes, brief summary, parent signature

2. Math: Worksheet page 15 all


Tuesday, 03/21/17:

1. Reading: 30 minutes, brief summary, parent signature

2. Math: Worksheet page 16 all (show your work)

3.  Wednesday is the due date for signed report card envelopes!


Wednesday, 03/22/17:

1. Reading: 30 minutes, brief summary, parent signature

2. Math: Write an algebraic situation.  Do not solve.  Refer to the example you should have written on your homework plan! :0)


Thursday, 03/23/17:

1. Reading: 30 minutes, brief summary, parent signature

2. Math: Group 1: Worksheet page 14 all; Group 2: Worksheet page 14, #2 & page 15 all

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Upcoming Events

3/24/17: Colony Tea Party

4/3/17 - 4/7/17: Spring Recess

4/14/17: Student/Teacher Recess

4/17/17: Santa Cruz County Courthouse Field Trip

4/27/17: Open House

5/29/17: Memorial Day Holiday

6/1/17: Monte Toyon Field Trip

6/8/17: Beach Field Trip

Erin Farrar

March 12th

The students in Ms. Farrar's class have been working hard on learning standards related to multiplying and dividing fractions, informational reading and writing strategies, the Declaration of Independence, and collaborative colony projects!  


Please help me CONGRATULATE the following students for exceeding standards on their recent math assessment:


Blake, Ceci, Demetrius, Evelyn, Jack D., Jack E., Kaitlyn, Kathleen, Kira E., Madeline, & Mander


The kids will take a district writing assessment this week.  Please wish them well!

~ Erin

February 26th

Hi everybody,


We made it through our relocation to Aptos High School.  We still have many things to iron out, but we are making the best of the situation.  Your children are troopers!


Please help me CONGRATULATE the following students for meeting their 4th period independent reading goals:


Kathleen, Jack D., Jack E., Wade, Kira E., Madeline, Geraldine, Evelyn, Lauren, Ceci, Hazel, Matt, Avalon, Kyla, Kiara, Mander, Kaitlyn, Blake, Brooke, & Viena


Way to demonstrate excellence!!!


Some of you have kindly been asking me what I need in our new space.  I could really use the following:


prizes for our prize box

2 buckets (to transport water)

lids to cardboard boxes (lids are for a project)

bag of soil (for a project)

mini vacuum

small tables


I hope you have a great week! ~ Erin


February 21st

Hi everybody,


I am looking forward to seeing all of my kiddos tomorrow!  Since it is a Wednesday, school is from 8:15am until 12:30pm.


Homework will not be required for the rest of the week while we get used to our new environment.  If possible, please try to take your children to the public library until we have a library system in place.  Thanks for your support with this.


We will meet the kids at the student drop off area to bring them up to classrooms, but if anyone is late please check in to our Valencia Office at F100.  Our class will be in E208 as indicated a few days ago.


Get a good night sleep!  I will see you tomorrow! ~ Erin

Valencia at Aptos High School: February 20th

Dear Families in Ms. Farrar's Class,


As you know we are moving to Aptos High School!  Students begin on Wednesday, February 22nd.  Our school day at AHS is from 8:15am until 2:30pm.  Here are some important room assignments for Ms. Farrar's class (subject to change):


Ms. Farrar = E208

Ms. Guiley = G100

Valencia's Office at AHS = F100


Marilyn Flores and Bertha Torres are our office support with Ms. Torres assuming the role of our site administrator.  Please contact Marilyn or Ms. Torres for regular office type issues.  Phone number TBA.


We have not been able to get into classrooms yet, but we are hoping that can happen sometime later in the day on Tuesday.  Please know that your children's safety is my number one priority.  We will be easing into academics as we sort through the circumstances.


Super substitute teacher, Constance Green, will be my substitute teacher on Friday because I will be attending a funeral/memorial service.  Ms. Green is a retired Valencia teacher and extremely capable.


Please understand that I may not be able to respond to you as quickly as I usually do, but I will make all efforts to be in constant communication.  Some of you are aware that this relocation also creates a large burden on me personally.  My daughters are split at Mar Vista Elementary and Cabrillo College, and there are no childcare options.  I have a team of family, colleagues, and friends supporting me through this time, and I am confident that we can make this puzzle work.


Thank you for your support as we navigate through this relocation.


Best wishes! ~ Erin

February 11th

Wishing you all the very best on this long weekend!  The kids may choose to bring Valentines on Tuesday, the 14th.  We are having a Valentine's Day party in the afternoon and I have asked the kids to bring simple snacks and drinks.  The Allaris have already donated Capri Sun.  Thank you!  We may need cups if we have other types of beverages.  Thank you for anything you are able to contribute!


The students took a multi-digit multiplication and division math test on Thursday.  Due to the school and road closures, I will not be able to get the results to the students for awhile, but I know they worked very hard!  This week we will dive back into conversions which involve multiplication and division concepts.


We are currently working on a writing project that involves reading multiple sources online and then constructing written responses to specific informational writing tasks based on 5th grade reading, writing, and technology standards.  We are preparing for the district online writing performance assessment later this month.  If your children are absent due to illness or the road conditions, they may choose to work on their writing project at home.  


Students should access district Google accounts via the PVUSD website:  Do not work in the Google account without going through the district website or else it is not completely supported.  Students can access their Newsela article assignments via the Newsela website:


Blake deserves HIGH HONORS for being selected as a finalist in the Science Fair!  CONGRATULATIONS on all of your hard work!


Thank you, Mander, for representing our class in Valencia's Spelling Bee!  We appreciate your BEST EFFORT!


Please help me APPLAUDE the following students for already meeting their 4th period independent reading goals:


Madeline, Evelyn, Lauren, Kathleen, Kyla, Hazel, Viena, Jack D., Mander, Matthew, Wade, & Geraldine


A special SHOUT OUT to Wade and Jack D. for joining our million word readers!  Way to ROCK!


The 4th period reading goal period ends on February 24th!  Try to keep up momentum and reach your goals!


Regards and best wishes  ~ Erin

School Closed Friday, February 10th

The district has closed Valencia Elementary for Friday, February 10th, due to road conditions.  School will resume on Tuesday, February 14th.  Try to enjoy the long weekend! ~ Erin

Valencia at Aptos High School

Ms. Farrar = E208

Ms. Guiley = G100

Ms. Torres & Marilyn = F100

Field Trips

Class Wish List


  • Prizes for the weekly raffle *** We always need more prizes! :0)
  • Disinfecting (Clorox) wipes

Million Word Reader Club

Outstanding demonstration of excellence!!!


Evelyn, Madeline, & Lauren = 8+ million

Mander = 3+ million

Hazel = 2+ million

Kyla, Kathleen, Wade, Jack D., Blake, & Viena = 1+ million

Scholastic Book Club

Please use Parent Code: H93LT for ordering on the Scholastic website.