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Class Letter to Director Gubbins

Class Letter to Director Gubbins

Patricia Morse Locker

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STAR OF THE WEEK: When your child is chosen as Star of The Week they will bring home Icy the Penguin for the weekend. Please have your child "help Icy" journal about his adventures throughout the weekend and have them complete their All About Me poster to share in class. 


Clorox Disinfectant Wipes

Hand Sanitizer


Expo Dry Erase Markers - Black (for math white board work)

Glue Sticks!!!!!!

Highlighters for Reading

Individual class snacks (granola bars, cliff bars, crackers, etc.)

Small prizes for weekly treasure chest 

Gift Cards for Books & Supplies









Patricia Morse

 Preparing for a New Adventure!


March 24th will be our field trip to The Monterey Bay Aquarium. Please be sure you have signed and returned the necessary permission slips. We are in need of one or two more drivers so please consider joining us if you haven't already. Drivers ... please be at the classroom by 8:00am. 


Report Cards went home on Friday. Please remember to sign the report card envelope and return it to class.


We've been practicing subtraction with re-grouping. This is probably the most difficult concept your child will learn in math during their second grade year! It takes lots and lots of practice! Please practice this with your child at home. Even working through one problem a night, very slowly, can make a difference!





*Our new AR marking period ends April 13. Please encourage your child to read carefully and only take AR quizzes when they feel fully prepared. Every marking period there are hard working students who miss out on the AR party because they don't achieve 75% accuracy on quizzes. 


HOMEWORK - Due to the necessity to adjust our class schedule, our spelling and timed tests are now on THURSDAY afternoons! 


DON'T FORGET!! LIBRARY - Every Tuesday. Please try and remind your child to return their books.


Class Photos Anyone? We are looking for the first day of school, harvest festival, class activities, school wide spirit days, field trips, assembly photos, etc. You may email photos anytime to and they'll do the rest! Just use the subject line for the caption and the body of your email to give them the description. Last day to send all pictures is February 28th.


Looking Ahead:


March 24 - Aquarium Field Trip

April 3-7 - Spring Break

April 21- Pizza My Heart Field Trip


HOMEWORK for the week of 03/20: 

Spelling Pages 


Timed Math Sheet

*Spelling and Math timed tests will now be Thursday afternoons

Read, read, read!!!!


Thank you for all you do to support your child at school! Have a wonderful week.

A Note About Blue Folders: Please send folders daily even when empty! These will be used for any communications throughout the week AND for occasional math homework papers that will be sent home.


A Note About Green Folders: These will be sent home every Wednesday. Green folders will contain completed work and are to be looked through, emptied, and  returned the following day. I encourage you to go through and discuss returned work with your child. It's a great way for you to get a feeling for what your child is doing in the classroom.

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