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Class Letter to Director Gubbins

Class Letter to Director Gubbins

Patricia Morse Locker

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STAR OF THE WEEK: When your child is chosen as Star of The Week they will bring home Icy the Penguin for the weekend. Please have your child "help Icy" journal about his adventures throughout the weekend and have them complete their All About Me poster to share in class. 


Clorox Disinfectant Wipes

Hand Sanitizer


Expo Dry Erase Markers - Black (for math white board work)

Glue Sticks!!!!!!

Highlighters for Reading

Individual class snacks (granola bars, cliff bars, crackers, etc.)

Small prizes for weekly treasure chest 

Gift Cards for Books & Supplies










Patricia Morse


I hope everyone will be able to join us for our school wide celebration at Valencia on May 31 at 5pm. It's been a challenging year for all of us and this is our chance to celebrate all that we've endured!


As a reminder to all families, there is a schedule change the last week of school. This was made to accommodate the teacher's transition back to the Valencia classrooms. Please see the following:


Monday, 6/5 and Tuesday, 6/6 - FOOD SERVICES WILL PROVIDE LUNCH!

Cabrillo - 7:45-2:00

Mar Vista - 7:50-11:20 (AM Kinder/K-1 – first graders dismiss at 2:05) and 10:35-2:05(TK and PM Kinder)

AHS - 8:10-2:30


Wednesday, 6/7, Thursday, 6/8, and Friday, 6/9 - LUNCH NOT NEEDED - STUDENTS GO HOME BEFORE LUNCH!

Cabrillo - 7:45-10:50

Mar Vista - 7:50-10:55 (all students morning and afternoon K and K-1)

AHS - 8:10-11:20


Feel free to reach out to me regarding any questions.


What's happening in the classroom?


We will spend much of these last few weeks reviewing math, reading, and writing skills. Homework will primarily be math fact practice and math review. Some students have a lot of catching up to do with AR, so this is a great opportunity for them to work on this as well.


This will be our last week of library for the year. Please help your child make sure all library books are turned in on Tuesday!


We did a final reading fluency check this past week and I was very pleased that almost all students made tremendous growth this year. If you are interested in your child's fluency scores, feel free to email me. I hope everyone keeps up the reading momentum this summer.


FYI... My fabulous, amazing, dedicated volunteer who files green folders on Wednesdays will be on a well deserved vacation this week. As a result, green folders may not be coming home this Wednesday.  Returned work will resume next week.


Math - We continue to review addition and subtraction with re-grouping, geometry, and fractions. We spent this past week working on measurement.


Writing - We will be finishing up the cover of our informational writing about polar bears! Yay! We're beginning an Opinion piece this                    week.


Reading - We continue to work on author's purpose, comprehension skills, and close reading strategies.


Science/Social Studies - We've been studying Rock Formations and Layers of the Earth



*Our new AR marking period will run from April 17-June 9th. Given that this will be our final AR period, I am looking for students to achieve their reading goal with at least 80% accuracy while reading books independently




HOMEWORK - Due to the necessity to adjust our class schedule our timed tests are now on THURSDAY afternoons! 


DON'T FORGET!! LIBRARY - Every Tuesday. Please remind your child to return their books.


Please reserve the evening of Wednesday, May 31st (5-7 PM) for a special school-wide event in celebration of us all making it through the challenging components of operating one school across three campuses. Special activities are being planned to be back on campus. Stay tuned for more details!



Looking Ahead:

May 26 - Spirit Day - Disney Day

May 29 - Memorial Day - No school

May 31 - School Wide Celebration at Valencia 5pm-7pm

June 01 - Fossil Walk - Seacliff Beach 


HOMEWORK for the week of 05/22:   

Timed Math Fact Sheet

*Math timed tests will now be Thursday afternoons

Mad Minute Math

Math Review - Time and Fractions



Thank you for all you do to support your child at school! Have a wonderful week.

A Note About Blue Folders: Please send folders daily even when empty! These will be used for any communications throughout the week AND for occasional math homework papers that will be sent home.


A Note About Green Folders: These will be sent home every Wednesday. Green folders will contain completed work and are to be looked through, emptied, and  returned the following day. I encourage you to go through and discuss returned work with your child. It's a great way for you to get a feeling for what your child is doing in the classroom.

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