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STAR OF THE WEEK: When your child is chosen as Star of The Week they will bring home Room Two's shark mascot for the weekend. Please have your child "help their shark friend" journal about adventures throughout the weekend. In addition, be sure to complete their All About Me poster to share in class. 


Clorox Disinfectant Wipes

Hand Sanitizer


pencil ERASERS

Expo Dry Erase Markers - Black (for math white board work)

Glue Sticks!!!!!!

Highlighters for Reading

Individual class snacks (granola bars, cliff bars, crackers, etc.)

Small prizes for weekly treasure chest 

Gift Cards for Books & Supplies






Thank You for your support!! :)




Patricia Morse


October News


Our Gizdich field trip will be this Friday, October 20th. We are all set with drivers so THANK YOU to all who volunteered! :)  Please make sure all your driver's paperwork and fingerprinting is updated and on file in the office no later than Wednesday of this week!! Drivers, please arrive in the classroom at 8:00 Friday morning. We will leave at 8:15 for a 9:00 tour. Students will return to school by 11:30 and in time for lunch.


Our fabulous Home and School Club is in the midst of planning an updated version of our annual Harvest Festival! More information  will be coming in the days ahead!! In the meantime, our class is responsible for working the Honey Drop Toss. You can help us out by volunteering to work a shift! Just click on the link below:!/showSignUp/5080a48aeae28aafb6-harvest


DRIVE FOR SCHOOLS IS ALMOST OVER! Thank you to those of you who have worked so diligently to sell tickets. The money from these tickets goes directly back to Valencia and will support all of your children. If you have not yet sold a ticket, please try to sell JUST ONE!!! The last day to turn in tickets is Friday, October 20th. Our classroom goal is for EACH student to sell ONE ticket and we remain far from reaching that goal!!! Any support you can offer is gratefully appreciated! :)


*October is “Banishing Bullying Behavior” Month. We will have special challenges for students each week. This Week's Anti-bullying Challenge: Positive Post Its!! Write messages to others that lift them up! We have also added Classroom Kindness Slips to our daily routine. Students are encouraged to fill one out when they see a classmate being helpful, encouraging, and kind to one another!


*October has also been declared SOCK-tober at Valencia School! Thank you to those students who have donated socks. Our Sixth Grade Leaders have challenged our school community to collect 500 pairs of socks for the Rebele Family Shelter in Santa Cruz during the month of October. Our class goal is to collect 40 pairs of socks, and while we have already reached our goal, we continue to gratefully accept donations. Any support is appreciated!


*On an added note, I'm still looking for someone willing to be a Room Parent. This is just someone willing to support me when it comes to school activities. I keep it simple, I promise!! :) Email me if interested.



We have a new AR marking period that will end on November 9th. Updated reading goals were written on the index card inside homework folders. 


Homework - Homework this week will include a math sheet, fluency sheet, and reading response sheet. Students need only to choose ONE of the prompts on the reading response sheet to respond to. Students have been given detailed directions and examples as to HOW to answer these questions. Please encourage your child to write in complete sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation. Sight words should be spelled correctly. We are practicing best effort work!


*Math - We continue to focus on place value in math. Place value is one of the most important concepts students need to master in second grade and we will circle back to it over and over again throughout the year. We also continue to practice addition and subtraction strategies to 20, as well as problem solving strategies. Our number corner this month focuses on telling time to the nearest 5 minutes, finding and identifying patterns, odd vs even numbers, and working with multiples of 3 and 4.


*Reading - This week most groups will be moving into reading Informational text. During this unit we work on text features and identifying facts and supporting details in our reading.


*Writing - Final drafts of our narrative writing are beginning to make their way to the clipboards in the outside hallway! If you get a chance, stop by and read your child's story! Most students are accustomed to writing one draft of writing, so it's been difficult for many  to wrap their heads around the writing process ... brainstorming, rough drafts, proofreading, editing, and a final draft ... whew!! It's a lot of work and they did a beautiful job!!


Our library day is Tuesdays. Please be sure that your child returns their library books weekly.


Remember  green folders come home every Wednesday!  These will be filled with your child's completed, corrected work. Please review corrected work with your child and return these folders every Thursday morning. Thank you for your attention to this.


Finally, please remind your child to bring their blue homework folders to class every day! (even when the folder is empty!) Many notes have gone home these past weeks and the folders are the safest way to ensure effective communications.




*If you plan on driving on any field trips this year please make sure that you update your form and insurance with the office. If it is not on file prior to the field trip, you will not be able to drive.


Homework: Week of 10/16

*Mad minute fluency

*Math page

*Reading response page

*Read 15 minutes a night



October 20 - Gizdich field trip- 8:15-11:30

October 20 - Drive for Schools Deadline - 3:00 pm

October 28 - Harvest Festival  - 1-4:00 pm

Thank you for all you do to support your child at school! Have a wonderful week.


Go online to:

Class Code: QWJQQ

A Note About Blue Folders: Please send folders daily even when empty! These will be used for any communications throughout the week AND for occasional math homework papers that will be sent home.


A Note About Green Folders: These will be sent home every Wednesday. Green folders will contain completed work and are to be looked through, emptied, and  returned the following day. I encourage you to go through and discuss returned work with your child. It's a great way for you to get a feeling for what your child is doing in the classroom.

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