Valencia Elementary School

Leah Creatura

Relocating to Cabrillo

Hello Room 35 Families,

I will be updating my web page more regularly as we go through this transition. It is easier than trying to get notices out to you or do a group email.  At the moment, I have no phone, internet or electricity at my house, so I am working from the public library.  Here's what I know so far.

I have seen the space at Cabrillo and we are lucky to have our own classroom.  Our room number is 210.  We are in the 200 building right above the campus bookstore (the old theater building). Our tech gurus are at work trying to hook us up and we got the Chrome cart out, so we should have computer access.  Our desks are just tables with no storage, so am thinking up ways for students to store their books and supplies.  I was not able to remove everyone's personal items from their desks before we had to leave the site, but I did get folders and many books. Hopefully, I will be able to return to our classroom to get more things soon.


 For Wednesday, please make sure your child brings their two math books, (home connections and student book) their homework folder, a water bottle, pencils and an eraser.  I have whiteboards, rulers and markers.

  I know this is very stressful but let's try to view it as a big adventure.  How many kids can say they got to go to college in 3rd grade?  I am already thinking about how we can use our new site to our advantage.  A field trip to the incredible horticulture center and garden at the top of the campus is definitely in order.  Also the 3-d printing and fabrication studios.........I know the director of the Dental Hygiene program and think I will ask her if some of her students can come and talk about good dental care and show us around the clinic.  Lots of neat opportunities.  

 First several days will be bumpy for sure as we figure all the logistics out, but I am committed to making this a positive experience for our kids and know that you, my wonderful families will rise to the occasion as you always do.

More as I know it.  Off to buy batteries for my radio and lanterns......


Leah Creatura


Feb 26,


Dear Room 35 Families,


We made it through our first week at our new site.  The toilets and fencing are up and running and I have hauled more stuff out of our Valencia classroom.  

 Many thanks to Iona Delander for organizing our class basket for the Auction this Saturday, and to the Agnello and Ellison families for their generous contributions. 

We have a field trip to the Museum of Art and History coming up on March 23. After we visit the museum we will go across the street for pizza.  Permission slips are already given out. the cost for the admission and the pizza is $9.

 We are taking advantage of being at our new site and have scheduled a visit to Cabrillo's planetarium on April 24. The cost of the whole field trip is $50.  $2 from each child would prevent it from coming out of my classroom budget.

 I am trying to pilot a new math program using Khan Academy.  The students have all created a school account, but they cannot access it until parents log on with them and give their approval and email address.  Both the kids and I are eager to get going, so please make sure to log them on.  

I am here most days until 4. Please feel free to email, or drop by if you have concerns or questions.  I cannot see me emails while I am teaching, so urgent messages (pick-up changes etc.) please text me at 831-419-0987.










Every night, read for at least 30 minutes. Read a book at your AR level. Log your number of pages and the title of the book on your reading log. Title should be spelled properly and underlined. 


Math Homework Week of Feb 27-March 3

Monday Home Connections pgs95-96

Tuesday  pages HC pgs 97-98

Wednesday pages Wednesday Khan Academy

Thursday  HC pgs 99-100


practice multiplication facts!!!!!





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