Valencia Elementary School

School Rules

Traffic and Parking

Arrival in the A.M.

  • Please drive to the designated area at the front of the school to drop-off your student. Please do not drop off students in the front parking lot. There is no supervision there and it is a safety hazard.
  • All students are to be dropped off at the front of the school at the designated area. Please do not drive around to the back of the school. This includes rainy days and tardies.
  • Cars must use the turn around area at the front of the school.
  • Please do not park in the turn-around area.
  • Parking is allowed only under the trees and at the parking lot at the front edge of the playground. Do not park along Aptos School Road.
  • Parking is also allowed in the back of the school if you are volunteering, however, parking spaces are at a premium and staff has priority.

Dismissal in the P.M.

  • Students are to be picked up promptly at 1:45 pm at the pick-up area adjacent to the office.
  •  For safety and supervision, students are not permitted to wait in the front parking lot. Students are not allowed to wait in any other area on campus. They are to be in the pick-up area only.
  •  The drive-through lane system is used in the P.M. Please drive all the way to the back of the school and get in the line to pick up your child. Pull all of the way forward and do not leave your car. After you pick up your child, wait for directions from staff and safely drive through the bus area.
  •  Students will be walked across the driveway and will be waiting for you in the pick up area and need to look for your car. When cars are stopped, they walk to their cars. Staff will be there to help. If it is raining, they will wait by Room 10 and be walked across the driveway. Students may get in your car at the pick-up location only.
  •  If you are late picking up your child, (s)he will be waiting in front of the office. You will need to sign your child out.

Guidelines for Clothing, Toys & Cell Phones

Students at Valencia School are expected to dress for school in shoes and clothing that are appropriate for both classroom activities and active play during PE and recess. Anything that disrupts the ...more

School Rules

Our school policy is to establish meaningful rules which focus on safety as well as respect for other people and property. These rules will be enforced at all times.

  1. Respect yourself and all others. Use only kind words.
  2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  3. Play appropriately in designated areas only.
  4. Respect all school or personal property. Use equipment properly.
  5. Freeze when the bell rings. No playing after the freeze bell.
  6. Walk to classroom line when whistle blows.
  7. Gum is not allowed at school.
  8. Snacks in designated areas only.
  9. Follow all cafeteria rules.
  10. Obey all school staff.  
  11. Walk by classrooms quietly.
  12. Stay seated in your bus line after school.
  13. Toys, electronic games or skateboards from home are not allowed.

Thank you for following our school rules. We can all create a positive school environment by working together in a caring community!