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Green Team

Eating All Your Food

Hi, Seastars! It's Addie, your 6th grade VP of Communications, and Julia D. from Green Team. We need you to eat your side dishes! (oranges, apples, salad, and bags of carrots) We have collected 71 unopened milk cartons, 88 entrees, 138 oranges in bags, 239 carrot bags, and 431 plastic bags. That's 197 pounds! This food costs the district money, and if you aren't eating it, it's a waste of money that could buy new supplies for our school. Please don't put that food to waste!!! Thank you!

What We're Doing

Hi, Valencia! This is Addie. Mrs. Richmond (in charge of Green Team) has asked me to write a short essay on what we're doing in Green Team.

         In Green Team meetings, we've been talking about taking away the gray trash cans that you see everywhere on campus. They tempt students to throw away things that should be composted or recycled. Also, we're thinking of having a contest to see which class could bring the most trash-free lunches to school one day, and the top three classes would become "Green Ribbon Classes." They would get extra recess one day as a prize. Additionally, we want to reteach the kindergarteners and 6th graders *ahem ahem* how to use the bins properly because they didn't learn the first time we presented. (It's not the kindergarteners' fault that they didn't learn, but 6th graders should know better.) We also want to build stools (with the Cabrillo College student mentors' help) for the lower grades so they can reach the right bins instead of throwing their food scraps on the ground. A dream we have is to build a rooftop garden on top of the cafeteria and maybe some of the portables.

A Reminder of What Goes in Which Bin

At lunch, the Green Team has found recycling in the compost, compost in the trash, and other combinations of what should go in a certain bin but is carelessly thrown in a different one. Please remember to put the remains of your lunch in the right bin! Here's a reminder of what goes in the recycling:


• Plastic

• Paper (except paper towels, napkins, and Kleenex)

• Metal

• Glass


What goes in the compost:

• All food (except ketchup and salad dressing packets)


What goes in the trash:

• Kleenex

• Paper Towels

• Napkins

• Salad dressing and ketchup packets


Please remember to put these items in the right bin! It makes our job easier and our school cleaner! Thank you!