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Resource and Intervention Team

Resource Team

The Resource Specialist Program (RSP) is a program to help children who qualify for special education services. The program is designed to give support to children with learning disabilities and give them strategies to help them be successful in their education. RSP provides small group instruction to help students meet their Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals in the areas of reading, writing, and math.


Intervention Team

At Valencia we have three intervention teachers who work with small groups to provide academic support. They use a variety of teaching techniques to meet the needs of all learners. Our team believes that focused, differentiated instruction can help students accelerate their learning so that they can meet grade level standards. 


Ms. Jen provides K-3 intervention in literacy and math. She holds both single subject and multiple subject teaching credentials and has taught high school, junior high, and grade school in the Bay Area throughout the past 22 years as a full time and part time educator. Recently she completed a Mindful Educator certification and truly enjoys helping students regulate their nervous systems so they may be able to feel safe, confident, and proud of who they are at school and out in the world. She looks forward to a valuable year of growth and connection at Valencia Elementary. 


Ms. Stonebloom provides 3-4th grade intervention in literacy and math. She is a bilingual teacher who has taught in PVUSD for 15 years. This will be her fourth year at Valencia. She is passionate about helping students find their strengths and become resilient learners. 


Ms. Hart provides upper grade intervention in literacy and math. She is new to Valencia, but has taught elementary school for 11 years in the Bay Area. She loves to help children gain academic skills, become confident learners, and grow as members of their community. 


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Resource Teacher

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