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August 16, 2021
Happy National Roller Coaster Day!
Here's the joke of the day:  How do orthodontists get ready to ride a roller coaster?
Here are this week's items:
1.) Your child should have noted a list of school supplies in their daily planner.  They should use their daily planner to note things that they need to accomplish.  
2.) Students need a graph paper notebook, pencils, highlighter, folder or organizational system, chapter book, erasers, and pencil sharpener.   
3.) Students are expected to give a short presentation about themselves.  They should be aware of what they day that they are presenting.  Students are asked to gather artifacts that represent things about them.  
4.) Students were given a packet of forms that need to be signed and returned back to the school.  I have asked students to return the packet by this Friday, August 20.
5.) Students will be expected to read independently each evening and will be given math homework to be turned in on Friday.  At a minimum, students should read at least 20 pages each day.  Students will also be expected to complete work not completed in class.
6.) Our class has PE on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Students should dress appropriately for PE on those days.
7.) Back to School Night will be virtual this year and is scheduled for Thursday, August 26.  More information to come!
8.) Students should bring their chromebook to school each day.  They should also bring their chromebook's charger.  
I think that's it!  By the way, orthodontists get ready to ride a roller coaster by bracing themselves!
Kind regards,
Mr. Miller
March 20, 2020
Happy National Jump Out Day!
Here's the joke of the day: What goes above your head and under your feet?
Here are today's items:
  • I have been instructed to provide five hours of instructional materials for each day, Monday-Friday.  I have attached a list of assignments and a proposed plan for your child to follow.  The list of assignments and trial agenda can be viewed in the file "Sixth Grade Assignments: Week of March 23"
  • This is new territory for me and all of us.  I want to use next week as an opportunity to see what works and what doesn't.  I have been fortunate to experience a week with my own children as they begin their own distance learning journeys.  It has definitely been a challenge, but I have learned a few things.
  • On Monday, I will post assignments into Google Classroom and provide resources to help your child complete those assignments.  
  • There is a place for students to write questions to me on a document called Questions for Mr. Miller.  I will be available during regular school hours to answer questions.  Encourage your child to work on their writing assignments in Google Classroom, so I can give them feedback along the way.  
  • I would like to host a daily Kahoot of the Day online at 10 am, Monday-Friday.  To allow your child to participate, it would be helpful for them to download Zoom on their device. This app will allow your child to see my computer screen to answer questions during the Kahoot of the Day.  
  • If your child has Mrs. Christie for math, I would have your child check in on Mrs. Christie's Google Classroom page. 
  • For writing instruction, I would encourage your child to look at the Writing Google Classroom page.   I did my best to try to coordinate the social studies assignment for the week with the writing task for the week.
  • For science instruction, I would encourage your child to look at their Science Google Classroom page.  
Don't hesitate to reach out with questions, successes, or concerns.  I know everyone is doing the best they can.
Stay well, be kind to yourself, and I look forward to continue working with your child!
By the way, a jump rope goes over your head and under your feet!
Kind regards,
Mr. Miller
March 18, 2020
Happy National Biodiesel Day!
Here's the joke of the day: What has three letters and starts with G-A-S?
Here are today's items:
  • If your child needs a chrome book for their schoolwork, they will be handed out tomorrow at Valencia from 9-12.  It might be helpful for your child to have their own device, so it won't tie up other devices in the house.  Please encourage your child to always practice digital etiquette.  On another note, you might be able to access our classroom if your child needs something from their desk (textbooks, notebooks, etc.).
  • I posted a number of items on our Google Classroom page today for students to try out.  It would be helpful for them to post a simple comment to know that they are able to access Google Classroom from home.
  • When students use Padlet or Kahoot, please encourage them to use their first name, so I know who was able to access those activities and who was not.  
  • The thought now is to assign work to be completed by school's end on Friday of each week.  I am trying to have all assignments (reading, math, writing, social studies, science) on one document.  Once the document is finalized, I will email it to you, post it on Google Classroom, and post it on our class website.  
  • I am also working on a way to communicate with students in real-time as they are working on assignments and have questions.  More to come on that.
That's it for now!  By the way, a three letter word that starts with G-A-S is a car!
Please don't hesitate to email me as we move forward on this journey together.  
Stay well!
Kind regards,
Mr. Miller
March 16, 2020
Happy National Panda Day!
Here's the joke of the day to share with your child: Why do pandas like really old movies?
Here are the items for the week:
  • My understanding is that this week is for teachers to plan what distance learning will look like for their classroom.  Distance learning is to start next Monday, March 23.
  • Please make sure that your child has submitted their argument essay to Mrs. Christie via Mrs. Christie's Writing Google Classroom.  If it was done on paper, I would suggest scanning it and emailing it or taking a picture of it and email Deborah Christie.
  • If your child has finished a book and wants to take an AR quiz, they can try to take a quiz on the school's Accelerated Reader site.  
  • To prepare for next week, it would be helpful to make sure that your child can successfully log in to the following websites (please note that your child should first log in to Google with their school credentials student id @ and regular password):
    • Google Drive 
    • Google Classroom 
    • Khan Academy 
    • Big Ideas Math 
    • TCI 
    • MyPerspectives: students should log in to Google, click the waffle icon and scroll down for the Pearson Easybridge icon)
  • I have been asked to turn in report cards to Mrs. Lane by Wednesday.  I have not heard how or when they will be shared with parents.  
  • In celebration of National Panda Day,  I will put up a post on our Google Classroom page for students to share their drawings with their classmates.  
I think that's it for now.  Take care of yourself and your family.  As for the joke, panda bears like really old movies because the movies are in black and white!
Stay well!
Kind regards,
Mr. Miller