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Mild/Moderate SDC

Mild/Moderate SDC at Valencia School Grades 3-6
Students enrolled in SDC (special day class) at Valencia get the opportunity to work in a smaller classroom environment. Students in this program have IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) that provide a "map" and structure to their learning and educational goals. Students have the support of the classroom teacher and instructional assistants and work in smaller groups that meet them where they are and help them make progress. Our goal is to provide a rigorous learning environment that provides challenge and celebrates success. Instruction is based on Common Core State Standards and is modified, if needed, to meet each student's individual needs. Additionally, students are paired with a "mainstream" general education class for inclusive opportunities throughout their day. This includes science, P.E., field trips, and other activities/academic subjects as appropriate, with the goal of giving all students an accessible and well rounded educational experience at Valencia School. 
Moderate/Severe SDC at Valencia School Grades 3-6
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