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Specialist Teachers


Our art program combines a balance of teacher-directed and child-directed art projects. Our classroom is a safe, inviting space for all first, second, and third grade students. While in art class, students get a chance to use a variety of materials and supplies, they get to be imaginative, creative, learn critical thinking and problem solving skills, and collaborate through the art making process. We incorporate various themes, look at and discuss professional artists, and practice lots of different art techniques and concepts. Art class is a place for students to learn how to make mistakes and persist, to creatively explore, play with ideas, use their imagination, and have fun making art!  


Music is being taught to all grades at Valencia, TK-6th, once a week as part of the Save The Music grant. The focus is to provide all students with music fundamentals while presenting specialized challenges to those students that have been studying music.


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Art Teacher - Grades TK-3 - Liz Izquierdo
Music Teacher - Grades TK-6 - Kelly Corbin
Science Teacher - Grades 4-6 - Sarah Baumgart