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Third Grade Team

Welcome to the Third Grade.  Third Grade is an exciting time.  It is the bridge between the primary and the intermediate grades. In previous grades they have been learning to read. In Third Grade, they begin to read to learn.  Students are learning to become independent workers, challenging themselves to meet higher standards.
Third Grade themes center around families, communities, traditions, and change over time.  The focus is on the communities and environment around us. How does our environment shape us? How are other living things shaped by their environment?  We also spend a great deal of time studying the people who came before us, the Ohlone.
In science, we study weather,  animal and plant adaptations, energy forces,water cycles and ecosystems.
In writing, we are learning to write solid paragraphs, to state opinions and support them with evidence.
Students are mastering the addition, subtraction and multiplication facts, 2-3 step problem solving, money, time, geometry and beginning fractions.
Standards-based field trips are an important part of the curriculum.  The third grade teachers work closely together planning and coordinating trips and curriculum. Another essential component of the success of all students is the partnership between home and school.  We appreciate and encourage parent participation.